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    Connecting with Existing Business

About the Call Team

To support the growth and health of the area’s existing businesses, the EDA utilizes a business call team comprised of retired industry executives. The executives call on Frederick County industries on a rotational basis, conducting surveys and reporting back to the EDA. The data reporting provided by Call Team members allows the EDA to access the overall health of industry sectors, recognize changing industry trends, and ensure consistent, personal contact with local businesses.

Why Participate in Call Team Visits?

Call team visits help:

  • Identify Potential Expansion Opportunities A company may qualify for financial and/or workforce training assistance when expanding its business. Collaborating before an expansion has begun ensures the greatest utilization of assistance opportunities.
  • Keep Businesses Up-to-Date on Workforce Development Assistance Programs Partner agencies exist in the community to help companies address their workforce needs. Call Team members work with the EDA to identify partnership and assistance opportunities after meeting with companies. 
  • Prevent and Resolve Issues Transportation, infrastructure, and permitting are just a few of the areas in which the EDA has assisted businesses in the past. If you're facing a challenge, let your Call Team representative know, as the EDA may be able to help facilitate a solution.

What Happens with Call Team Survey Data?

Call Team data is placed into E-Synchronist, an analytical software devised specifically for evaluating existing businesses. The software is used to organize, analyze, and report company information obtained during Call Team visits, giving the EDA valuable insight into the dynamics of the local economy.