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Fast-Track Permitting

Frederick County requires an approved site plan prior to the development of any proposal in the industrial and commercial zoning districts. A parallel tracking system has been created to expedite the timetable between plan review and the commencement of construction. This process allows for all plan review agencies to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and allows the developer to begin site improvements.

Frederick County’s experience with other industrial and commercial development projects indicates that the parallel tracking system works, provided that all parties maintain open communication channels throughout the process. In order for this process to be successful, it is imperative that engineering and design maintain pace with the construction schedule.

Submitting a Site Plan

Industrial and commercial development proposals require an engineered site plan, as well as related design computation that are reviewed and approved by Frederick County. These drawings must be sealed by an engineer who is licensed to do work in the state of Virginia.

Once this is accomplished, the site plans may be forwarded to all required review agencies. These agencies are: 

  • Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Frederick Water
  • Frederick County Building Official
  • Frederick County Fire Marshal
  • Frederick County Engineer
  • Frederick County Department of Planning and Development

The Frederick County Zoning Administrator can approve the site plan for this proposal administratively after agency’s review and comments have been incorporated. All site plans appear on the Frederick County Planning Commission’s bi-monthly Report for information, but do not require public hearings and approvals.


Frederick County's Department of Planning and Development has a variety of online resources to assist local businesses.